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Beijing ants moving service company is one of the established earlier in Beijing moving company, after several years of development and growth of the company, moving various types of moving vehicles, and with the move of a number of highly qualified and trained service staff.

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for high-end furniture, mahogany furniture, air conditioning, piano, big machines, equipped with professional disassembly and transportation of the company, the implementation of one-stop services. Under a and professionals of large pieces of furniture, hanging hanging. Moving charge standard fees set pursuant to the Municipal Department of prices, distance, level, easy to difficult level pricing.

five good standards of service: safe and punctual service; one freighter love attitude good; light light discharge handling good; special requirements well reasonable fares good reputation.

three are not allowed: not accepting tobacco and alcohol tip are not allowed to accept food and drink served; no damaged missing items.

service commitments: trackbacks never miss when customer complaints, there will be a response.


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