List the moved thing gives you a headache

  moving company in Shenzhen today for everyone to list specifically about moving thing gives you a headache. First, you want to invoice, and second, damaged cover, three, who accompanied petty crime. As long as regular invoice company seniority, and irregular movers broke up several, such as moving companies, moving companies affiliated. Not what to say, in accordance with title to promote individual moving companies must be no invoice, if there is false, call moving companies can open is open, but the part that is not sure what.

in addition, local people plus the cost of invoicing. Bei Yuan, a company recently moved, beginning from four e-quote, but because the price comparison of job choices in the late addition of a recent customer service we do visit when, as people complained the company, rather than with your moving company, practice moving quotations that are higher than you say, one month invoices did not get their hands on. Move bad articles cover difficult issues not surprisingly, a moving company moving out of Guangzhou's big problem, 32 inch LCD TV move that appeared after the 2 cracks.

consequences of get satisfaction, shirk did not sign a contract, and always avoid seeing. Consequences found the trade and Industry Bureau, also was slow to deal with. Ultimately no one result, can't go to court. Countless other such similar incidents, because irregular movers sometimes you can't find anyone, how to find someone to cover, it's not a joke, amuse. Finally, the moving company in Shenzhen for everyone to talk about the action of the moving industry's most taboo, petty theft, casually holding a sheep.

this action is the most moving companies honor, to move industry disgrace, however often see reports stole the money, stealing valuable items. This action it's hard to find as people, unless caught. Once the attack was such an event, Guangzhou individual moving companies prices are pushed to the workers, workers ' activities, the moving company is not loss of stolen goods who can't get consequences forms have no reason to. Moved to the ability to move a happy, high choices moving company in Shenzhen at the credit service company, that guarantees all aspects on the one hand, on the other hand also a worry.

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