Buy new House's House story

  now days, buying a new House is not easy, and have been signed over the years, but also to their parents borrow tens of thousands of dollars. And bank loans of tens of thousands of pieces, really bitter hard Ah.

bought a House, decoration and decoration companies, was too expensive. All done and ready to find a moving company to help move, then I worry about. Hey you move to save a bit of money herself, hey this from home, 7/f, moved stuff into my new anti-capital 5. I was tired to death, I consulted the moving company's prices, I class a, it's don't ask, don't know. Ask this add expensive really expensive Ah, another aspect of household appliances written valuable articles if the moving company moving out, what if it broke. I was embarrassed when friends said a Shenzhen company phone is very good, and Word of mouth is good, the service is also very good, even better add a quite affordable. I am doubtful to the Shenzhen moving company to ask about, reception very kind. Prices are really affordable, so we very successfully signed the contract. Moving company, master Yao came the next day, several master in favor of tired, finished tired of sweating. I raced to the community next to the grocery store and bought a few packs of cigarettes, bottles of water, said hard, this time a few old master is a kind of drinking water, says habits. Friends say is good is to find a good moving company. The third day I live in new houses.

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