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  moving company today in an uncle Liu moved to the jiangdong road, and Guangzhou with people responsible for moving moving company sent Yao, Yao moved the teacher hands, before going out, King said managers told to be careful when Grandpa moved.

small Yao open with car came to has Liu uncle of community, a see small single above wrote of is 8 floor, small Yao variable go also side muttered with, man daily climbed 8 floor body also is good Ah, small Yao itself eat of on fat of, then climbed to 7 floor on tired of asthma whirring of, then small Chen Zaodou moved with Liu uncle of some package had of luggage box began down go has. Xiao Zhao and Xiao Wang are moving some furniture to move it below that have been removed, Yao went upstairs, they have moved a half when Yao look next to a small mini fridge. Yao finished with a fat can't remember, I thought hey mini, I certainly embrace it. Results an armful of discovery is not really heavy, but not too light. Yao went downstairs, when I went to the first floor, Xiao Yao kind of like Enron, then the left hand slip this refrigerator from 1 crash down the stairs of the building, which squelch fridge broke. Yao at the bodice, this is Wang and Chen saw quickly how, Yao initiative said the course of the event, and Director of a call, then Yao insisted that he heads. This is Uncle came, small, Yao told Grandpa that get in charge. Moving company, Guangzhou phone this is the old man said, no, this fridge was bad. Old man said this refrigerator has been bad for a long time, and it was empty.

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