When you move some surprise

  wife with me for a long time, getting ready to move. Originally not wanted to move this guy every day to make me say, moving company in Guangzhou today community where neighbors who bought a new House, I can't stand nearby.

frankly it should move, because of the kids, now there is no school, the child is not small, is to go to school. When before did not find, so savings over the years bought a house in the South of the city centre. Ready to move into a new home. Wife knows that my decision is still happy, so busy today, found a few brothers for help. Make up things, now moving company, black can't say. Guangzhou in the afternoon moving company is moving the Cabinet, I moved this from the back room to outhouse. Back underground has found a 15 cm in a small paper bag, picked it up and saw a thick covering of the feels like money. Pick up a look, Oh really big eyes see at least 10,000 dollars. Number several 10,000 bucks, who thought this money to me. Finally come to think of it, this is the last old school children going to primary school and to pay school fees, so I want to borrow 10,000 dollars. Results later moved, his father bought a house in the South, school fees are also not lend. Haha this 10,000 dollars the wife forgot, 10,000 dollars is my friends. Really surprised Ah, moving and this good.

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